DELHI Are we ready for India?! We fly from Cambodia, via a quick stop in Bangkok, to New Delhi, landing around 1am, feeling a bit tired and slightly nervous on how we will find the craziness of India. After finding no WiFi at Dehli airport to order an Uber, and avoiding the prepaid taxi counters charging extortionate rates to get to our hostel, we find … Continue reading India


Our final week in South East Asia was spent in Cambodia, where we met the most friendly people of our Asian travels, the most incredible man-made architecture and also the hottest country we’ve been to. We arrived in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, following an 8 hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, which involved a surprisingly easy border crossing. PHNOM PENH … Continue reading Cambodia

Beep beep Vietnam – Inexperienced travellers coming through

As the incessant horns from the undisciplined traffic of Vietnam become background noise to our ears, we continue our journey further south for our remaining two weeks in Vietnam. While still navigating the country’s shutdown for Vietnamese New Year, we venture to lands home to some of the world’s largest caves, the ancient city of Hue, miles of golden beaches and finally to the capital … Continue reading Beep beep Vietnam – Inexperienced travellers coming through